The Cryptoforecast Rebranding

The rebranding of the CryptoForecast brand is underway!

The Cryptoforecast logo was created in 2017 and it has accompanied us to this day. This move aims to rebuild and promote the brand that is based on a new set of ideals: transparency, security, and global ambitions.

Cryptoforecast new logo

Cryptoforecast old logo has accompanied us for 3 long years.

This is the first rebrand for cryptoforecast, so the decision was to radically change form and color, the used font has been reviewed.
The shape of the rounded logo conveys uniformity and security, the colors used are a medium dark shade of grey combined with a shade of Blue. The font used is Poppins SemiBold, the latest addition to the Sans Serif family.

With this rebranding we want to underline the continuous evolution of CryptoForecast in the new direction we are taking, no longer focused exclusively on forecasts and statistical data but which reflects a homogeneous and radical expansion that covers various branches of the Cryptocurrency sector.

We have released a Brand Guideline available, in order to simplify the work of the Marketing teams who wish to integrate the brand on Blogs, websites or apps.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this huge effort.

CryptoForecast Team

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